Bucket List Travel Suggestions for 2022

Once this pandemic is over and it is safe to travel, perhaps you may want to visit some of these locations. If so, please do not forget to contact Nomadic Star Travel, LLC

  • Lanai, Hawaii is more remote and is an exclusive destination. Visit the Four Seasons Lanai with museum – quality art and outposts of Malibu Farm and Nobu.
  • Napa Valley, California – Vineyards makeup 9% of the region with the rest of the ripe for all manner of outdoor activities for biking hiking and hot springs.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the most unique cities in the United States. It’s rich Native American history, strong Spanish influences and a vibrant arts scene from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to Canyon Road.
  • New York City – After being hit hard during the pandemic in 2020, NYC has been on the rebound ever since, slowly but surely getting back to the bustling and dynamic metropolis it was in the Before Times. 
  • Scotland – Queen Elizabeth is scheduled to celebrate her platinum jubilee in 2022, and while that may be reason enough to go to London to witness all of the official celebrations that will swirl around Buckingham Palace in June, how about paying tribute to the UK’s longest reigning monarch with a pilgrimage through her beloved Scotland? 
  • Charleston, South Carolina is absolute heaven for foodies. It is probably also one of the most introspective cities in the South, making concerted efforts to confront its painful and complicated. Right in the heart of the city is the palatial Charleston Place, a bastion of luxurious Southern hospitality with more than 400 rooms, all outfitted in elegant touches like mahogany beds and marble showers. 
  • Big Sky, Montana – For a certain subset of the population, the luxury western ranch trip has become a near-obligatory rite of passage in recent years. Montage is just the latest to seize on this opportunity—on December 15, it officially opened the doors to a sprawling new resort in Big Sky, Montana, becoming the first luxury ski hotel to ever be built in this picturesque region.  
  • Madrid, Spain – As far as European cities go, it’s hard to beat the many charms of Madrid. The Spanish capital has it all: beautiful old world architecture, blue chip museums, amazing food, lovely parks and gardens, great shopping, a wonderful locals’ vibe, androyal clout. 
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – In case you are an Adele fan, she just announced her Vegas residency starting this year. There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas. Remember, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as the saying goes! We hope you will share great photos and have good memories.
  • Ireland – For a few years now, potential clients have been asking about Ireland. We are waiting to assist you.
  • Bermuda – This is one place I have not visited, and I really do not have an excuse, but if all is well, will visit this tiny island as soon as we are safe to travel. Cannot wait to explore the soft pink sand, and did you know the St. Regis Bermuda is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site? 
  • Geneva, Switzerland – On the western edge of Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps, is the serene cobblestone city of Geneva, whose views on Mont Blanc alone are worthy of a visit. While the cosmopolitan area is both home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross, the international financial hub makes for a great slow-paced getaway, or dare we say it, a fantastic breather while on a business trip.
  • Palm Beach, Florida almost feels as though New York City has been transported to the sandy palm beaches.
  • Nambiti, South Africa- Even though travel to Southern Africa is currently off limit due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a safari in South Africa remains bucket list worthy. Please double check travel advisories before requesting Nomadic Star Travel, LLC book your trip to ensure everything is clear and concise.
  • Lake Como, Italy – Summer is when the region really shines, and do not forget to visit Villa Passalacqua where Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill were known to visit. Explore the remnants of medieval villages, and the gorgeous lake, and opulent villas. Villa Passalacqua also offers swimming in the lake, an open-air gym in the olive grove, vintage boat trips from a private dock, farm to fork dining and gorgeous manicured gardens.
  • The Catskills – The Borscht Belt has experienced a serious travel boom in the last two years. The mountainous region in Southeastern New York is once again an it-destination for the Tri-State area during the summer, for leaf peeping in the fall, and even in the cold months.
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