The seasons are changing rapidly, and fall is upon us. Before long, we will be entering the holiday season. Nomadic Star Travel, LLC welcomes the opportunity to service your travel requirements. We do not want you to be surprised, as we charge a fee for our services.  

As we continue to face various strains of the pandemic, Nomadic Star Travel, LLC continues to stay abreast of the travel requirements to destinations you may be interested. We are directing clients to visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website to receive updated information. Please know, some destinations require proof of vaccinations, and/or proof of a negative test within a few hours before traveling. This hopefully, will prevent clients from traveling to their favorite destinations, to find out they will be quarantined during their enter stay. The CDC’s website also list the various levels of the pandemic at various locations in the world.  

Creating an unforgettable travel experience begins with making the first day of vacation a memorable one. A certified travel advisor could be your best defense against the uncertainty of trip planning during and after COVID-19. There are multiple signs that have pointed to consumers’ readiness to travel again, with demand for leisure travel steadily climbing. 

Due to the pandemic, we are not conducting travel business in person. Please visit the website to submit your travel request. It is important to include your budget as well.

Hours of operation for Nomadic Star Travel, LLC

  • Monday – Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Friday – 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Closed all major holidays

Travel is an optimistic act, and the people who make up the travel industry are an optimistic, forward-looking bunch. We realize industry will have to earn your business. Airlines have lost money and cruise ships are slowly beginning to carry paying passengers. Almost every cruise line has also required U. S. passengers to show proof of vaccination (with the exception of ships departing from Florida ports at the time of this newsletter). 

Travel protection (insurance) is most important. It has never been more important to be safeguarded if things go wrong. Please speak with your travel advisor about medical evacuation insurance in case someone in your party becomes ill, as well as trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Not all policies include protection against COVID, so it is best to get professional advice.  

All-inclusive Resorts. If you are interested in booking travel for all-inclusive resorts (adult or family), the airfare must be paid for in full within 24 hours, plus a $100 deposit per adult. It is important to provide the following, and a personalized quote will be provided: 

  • Complete names as appears on passport (no initials for middle name)
  • Complete birth dates
  • All adult or family resort
  • Airport interested in departing from
  • Type room (garden or ocean view)

Nomadic Star Travel, LLC would like to be “Your Passport to Adventure”

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