We, at Nomadic Star Travel, LLC welcome the opportunity to service your travel requirements. Creating an unforgettable travel experience begins with making the first day of your vacation a memorable one. There are multiple signs that have pointed to consumers’ readiness to travel again, and the demand for leisure travel is steadily climbing. We are grateful for your business as we have several travel requests to fulfill now … thanks! A certified travel advisor could be your best defense against the uncertainty of trip planning during and after COVID-19.  

Some of you ask, “Does Nomadic Star Travel, LLC charge a service fee?” The answer is “Yes.” This is how we are compensated for the time we devote to your individual travel request to ensure we are giving the client(s) exactly what was requested. In the past, we have provided detailed quotes on travel requests to only discover our quotes are used to compare with other agencies, and never receiving the business. 

Leisure travel is back, and as travelers make their plans for upcoming spring and summer travel, they can expect to see airfares increasing also. This is pushed by seasonal demand inflation and oil price spikes. New routes are expanding as both American and foreign airlines aim to encourage a return to international travel.

We are strongly recommending clients take extra precautions in the week leading up to your trip to reduce the likelihood of a positive test before or during the journey. Even if the destination you plan to travel does not require you to take a test prior, protect yourself, and take the test anyway as before returning to the United States, you will need to test negative. Please follow the safety guidelines that are in place by the hotels, airline carriers, and cruise lines while you travel. It is a great idea to bring the antigen test kits with you just in case the supply is limited in your destination. Keep in mind the test you take should be accepted as a formal antigen test.

Agency Hours

The agency hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm and Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. We are closed on all holidays.   


Unless you are ready to book your flight, please do not ask us for a quote, as the quote given will change in seconds by the airline. Your airline of choice is the best way to get a quote. If you are requesting group travel, please know, the number of travelers are required at time of request so airline can book group space. Once group space is requested, the airline will require a deposit and final payment date will also be provided.

All-inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts include airfare, lodging, your transfers to/from airport (once you arrive your destination), meals, activities at resort. A deposit is required for adults at time of booking. Please inform us if you are interested in an all-adult or family resort. We strongly encourage the purchase of insurance.


There is a delay in getting new passports, and renewing passports. Please, if you have a passport, check the expiration date. You can renew the passports online. Remember, for international travel, passports must be valid for at least six months from the last day of travel.

Most Expensive Cities for Travel

We can all agree that life is expensive, especially when your passion is travel. But in some cities, the cost of living is so astronomical it makes it impossible for the average individual to stop through without some seriously conscious and budget-savvy behaviors. Think you’ve got the green to make it in some of the United States’ most expensive cities? These are some of the nation’s priciest locations. 

Manhattan, New York is known for supplying the U.S. with the trendiest restaurants, an uber-sophisticated art and cultural scene, and more monthly events than some states see in a year. The Big Apple is the nation’s buzzing entertainment hub. It is a great city to visit, but make sure you bring some money to the table as there is a price for all that glitz and glamour. The average three-night stay is approximately $773 and do not forget, you will need money to pay for your meals. Still, Manhattan is one of the most populous cities in the United States, and we doubt this city will ever lose in a popularity contest. 

Honolulu, Hawaii – How many of us think living on a Hawaiian island must be heaven? This is true in terms of climate, natural surroundings, and tranquil island vibes, but this is not so when it comes to the cost of living. The amount of money you must spend to be a full-time Honolulu resident is downright depressing. If or when you visit Hawaii, you may want to us an eco-friendlier bike as gas prices in the capital city are the highest in the nation. Recently, Hawaii’s Safe Travel program and indoor mask mandate for travelers arriving from the United States and its territories signals the start of a new chapter for the Hawaiian Islands.

San Francisco California is costly, but San Francisco exceeds everyone’s expectations about what “expensive” really means. The ballpark figure for an average two-bedroom beats out many New York City neighborhoods at a price of over $4500. San Francisco goes unmatched by anywhere in the nation when it comes to diversity and open-mindedness. San Francisco boasts some of the nation’s most prominent restaurants, bars, historic and architectural sites, and a famously hilly landscape that ensures living in this city is like nowhere else on the planet. This also makes it a great place to visit, though you’ll still find your wallet tight after paying for a hotel and meals. You can squeeze by with a three-night stay for around $463. 

Napa Valley, California is the West Coast’s whimsical wine country (and the second California city to make the list) is a far cry from crowded Manhattan. The two cities do have one thing in common: a lofty cost of living. Rolling hills carpeted with lush vineyards, an abundance of local wine and produce thanks to a rich agricultural environment, and — finally — a temperate year-round climate that ensures 12 months of golfing, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the Valley’s gorgeous natural scenery. If you want to plan a weekend visiting the wineries, expect to shell out mightily for tastings and tours. You can find inexpensive lodgings, but it might mean you’re driving a bit further to the vineyards. Wine tasting fees can vary from $5 to $50 per person, and with over 400 wineries you should be able to find something to fit your budget, it just might require some careful planning.

Broadway and Las Vegas

Theaters have opened in New York and Las Vegas. Please contact us as we really enjoy individual and group bookings. We can give you a complete package (transportation, hotel and great seats) … contact us.

Once we are cleared to travel safely in 2022, here are a few places you may want to put on your bucket list: 

  • Lanai, Hawaii is more remote and is an exclusive destination. Visit the Four Seasons Lanai with museum -quality art and outposts of Malibu Farm and Nobu.
  • Napa Valley, California – Vineyards makeup 9% of the region with the rest of the ripe for all manner of outdoor activities for biking hiking and hot springs.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the most unique cities in the United States. It’s rich Native American history, strong Spanish influences and a vibrant arts scene from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to Canyon Road.
  • New York City – After being hit hard during the pandemic in 2020, NYC has been on the rebound ever since, slowly but surely getting back to the bustling and dynamic metropolis it was in the Before Times. 
  • Scotland – Queen Elizabeth is scheduled to celebrate her platinum jubilee in 2022, and while that may be reason enough to go to London to witness all the official celebrations that will swirl around Buckingham Palace in June, how about paying tribute to the UK’s longest reigning monarch with a pilgrimage through her beloved Scotland? 
  • Charleston, South Carolina is absolute heaven for foodies. It is probably also one of the most introspective cities in the South, making concerted efforts to confront its painful and complicated. Right in the heart of the city is the palatial Charleston Place, a bastion of luxurious Southern hospitality with more than 400 rooms, all outfitted in elegant touches like mahogany beds and marble showers. 
  • Big Sky, Montana – For a certain subset of the population, the luxury western ranch trip has become a near-obligatory rite of passage in recent years. Montage is just the latest to seize on this opportunity—on December 15, it officially opened the doors to a sprawling new resort in Big Sky, Montana, becoming the first luxury ski hotel to ever be built in this picturesque region.  
  • Madrid, Spain – As far as European cities go, it’s hard to beat the many charms of Madrid. The Spanish capital has it all: beautiful old-world architecture, blue chip museums, amazing food, lovely parks and gardens, great shopping, a wonderful locals’ vibe, and royal clout. 
  • Ireland – For a few years now, potential clients have been asking about Ireland. We are waiting to assist you.
  • Bermuda – Did you know the St. Regis Bermuda is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site? 
  • Geneva, Switzerland – On the western edge of Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps, is the serene cobblestone city of Geneva, whose views on Mont Blanc alone are worthy of a visit. While the cosmopolitan area is both home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross, the international financial hub makes for a great slow-paced getaway, or dare we say it, a fantastic breather while on a business trip.
  • Palm Beach, Florida almost feels as though New York City has been transported to the sandy palm beaches.
  • Nambiti, South Africa- Even though travel to Southern Africa is currently off limit due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a safari in South Africa remains bucket list worthy. Please double check travel advisories before requesting Nomadic Star Travel, LLC book your trip to ensure everything is clear and concise.
  • Lake Como, Italy – Summer is when the region really shines, and do not forget to visit Villa Passalacqua where Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill were known to visit. Explore the remnants of medieval villages, and the gorgeous lake, and opulent villas. Villa Passalacqua also offers swimming in the lake, an open-air gym in the olive grove, vintage boat trips from a private dock, farm to fork dining and gorgeous manicured gardens.
  • The Catskills – The Borscht Belt has experienced a serious travel boom in the last two years. The mountainous region in Southeastern New York is once again an it-destination for the Tri-State area during the summer, for leaf peeping in the fall, and even in the cold months.

Top 10 Safest Countries for Women to Travel Alone 

All these safest countries for women to travel alone are spectacular, and they are bound to make every woman’s dream come true of experiencing traveling solo at some point in life. In these countries, you can enjoy traveling freely from one place to another without having to worry about safety. However, note that there are no guarantees, especially in alone vacations and trips and that no place, including home, is completely safe. What women can do is make sensible decisions, do their homework, exercise caution, and enjoy themselves to the fullest because the rest is out of their control.

  • #1 Canada – Today, Canada is known for being one of the world’s safest countries for women. That is why you will often notice that most solo-travel lovers, especially women, come here to have a great time and tick their traveling experience off from the bucket list. So, the next time you are looking to travel alone and experience the calm you need, remember to book your flight tickets to Canada.
  • #2 New Zealand – The country doesn’t not only help women to feel safe, secure, and more protected but also confident in so many ways. If you are also planning to visit New Zealand, do not forget to visit its beaches for an ever-lasting experience.
  • #3 Sweden – Today, Sweden is the safest country for a woman in the world. Although the country is well-populated and houses nearly 10.3 million people, it manages to make women feel safe with minimal sexual assault cases. Other forms of violence against women are also highly prohibited here. Sweden actively participates in standing up for gender equality, animal rights, and even meeting climate goals. But that is not all. The people here are also passionate about improving racial equity, religious freedom, and human rights
  • #4 Denmark- Although Denmark does not have stringent safety regulations for women, it is the best place for a single woman to live in the world. Here, you can come and stroll across your favorite places even in the middle of the night without having to worry about any safety issues.  For most women, the experience has been as secure as possible. The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, is also said to be equally safe. Since the city is also safe from any natural disasters, one can easily avoid safety issues when traveling alone here.
  • #5 Norway – Whether you are looking for the best place for a single woman to live or travel, Norway stands out like no other. According to some of the latest surveys conducted, it has become one of the safest places for women to travel recently. Women’s quality of life in Norway is also quite high, and they do not feel bothered by any physical violence or other detrimental behavior. The country highly values its place in the world and manages to provide them comprehensive freedom without any second guesses. So, if you have been wanting to travel to Norway anytime soon, do not hesitate to do so. It is highly safe for you.
  • #6 The Netherlands – Speaking of the safest country for women’s rights, the Netherlands never fails to live up to your expectations. The country is thronged in alluring beauty and has managed to provide enough solace to women in need. The Netherlands manages to be highly safe and friendly for women of all ages. The cases of sexual violence and other types of misbehavior on women have also been minimal for a long time. It is even safe for women to walk alone at night without thinking twice. Did you also know that the Netherlands has many basic women’s rules that people follow here every step of the way? So, the risks are hardly noticeable.
  • #7 Germany – Germany is one of the safest countries in the world for women today. According to some sources, there has been a substantial increase in women’s safety in the past few decades here. For most female solo travelers, the country is entirely safe and enjoyable. The crime rates here have also been reported below. That is why women who love walking in the streets of Germany alone and enjoy an occasional time of solitude can come here without any hesitation. It is bound to fetch you the serenity you need. 
  • #8 Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places ever to exist globally, and it is also the most romantic and one-of-a-kind place to visit. Switzerland is the most peaceful nation in the world. So, you can naturally expect all the calmness possible. That is why crime rates and any violence against women are observed here at minimal. As such, it is fair to conclude that Switzerland too is a great place for solo travelers to breathe in peace and with minimal fear of anything.
  • #9 Finland is another country on this list known for being the best place for a single woman to live. So, women here can work both full-time and part-time without worrying about the odd working hours.  If you are a solo traveling woman, wondering whether it is safe to come here for a memorable trip, you can do so without any second thinking. Sources suggest that Finland was also the first European country to offer women the right to vote.
  • #10 Australia- Earlier Australians reported common physical acts of violence. However, the cases have narrowed down considerably. As such, it is safe to say that now even Australia has become one of the best places for a single woman to live. Each day, the number of single women or solo-traveling women to Australia increases. As such, we can easily conclude that the dangers have exponentially reduced, leaving you with a safe experience upon your arrival.

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