Travel Tips

July 2, 2014 by Brenda Fairfax No Comment

The top 10 reasons for taking a cruise are: Value; Romance; Cuisine; Variety, Activities; Simplicity; New Horizons; Family; Pampering and Satisfaction.

Make sure your passport is updated.  Your passport must be at least six month older than the date you are traveling.


We are often too engaged and excited with packing that we forget these simple travel tips:

• Notify authorities of dates you will be away from home.

• Visit post office and put mail on hold, as well as newspapers.

• Notify family and trusted neighbor, and provide emergency telephone number.

• Install timers on lights and have them come on at different times during the night.

• Turn ringers OFF on telephones, or set to answer on TWO rings.

• Do not leave message on answering machine, “We’re NOT home right now!”

• Notify home security system personnel of your absence.

• Insure all windows and doors are locked.

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