Tips to Select Your Perfect Cruise

January 1, 2014 by Brenda Fairfax No Comment

Choosing the right cruise can be daunting, given the many variables involved.  Here are a few factors to consider.

(1)  Where do you want to go? (2) How long do you want to be away? (3) What is my budget? (4) What is my cruise personality?  Do you want to be with a fun-loving crowd, or a quieter crowd? (5)  Are you bringing the children? (6) Do you mind being with a crowd? Cruise ships are getting bigger, with more passengers on board than ever. You do not have to be with a crowd as there are plenty of smaller vessels sailing to destinations around the globe. (7) How much do you care about entertainment? (8) How important is the food? (9) Do you want to get dressed up?  (10) Will you get seasick?  Modern cruise ships are built for stability.

Once you have answers, contact Nomadic Star Travel, and we will work out the best cruise you have ever taken, once you share your interests!


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